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Stylish Storage


Getting organized doesn't have to be dull! Turn a canvas storage bin into something stylish with Tulip Stick Fabric Stencils and Tulip Fabric Paints. Designed by Cheryl Ball, courtesy of iLoveToCreate.

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Project Instructions

For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.

Open box. To create stripe along top edge, place two lengths of tape about ½” apart along top edge. Run a fingernail along inside edges of tape to prevent seepage.

Squeeze a puddle of Ebony Soft Fabric Paint onto foil. Tap flat end of wedge sponge into paint then pounce excess off onto foil. Pounce an even layer of paint between tape strips. Apply two thin layers rather than one heavy layer, letting dry between coats. Remove tape then use blow dryer to dry if desired.

Repeat steps for bottom edges around entire box. Refer to photo.

Remove desired floral design stencil from package. Remove clear plastic from blue backing, making sure to remove all white pieces from design. Place on side of box where shown. Press finger along inside edges to seal from seepage. The design can be made smaller by using tape to mask off lower or top half of design. Mask off top half then apply designs to sides of box. Mask off other half of design and add to box.

Squeeze a puddle of Silver Metallic 3D Fashion Paint onto foil. Scoop up a small amount of paint with palette knife then “frost” paint across stencil, leaving a thin, even layer and making sure not to go past edges of stencil. Add more paint as needed until design is filled in. Carefully lift stencil from box and place paint side down on paper towel to remove excess paint.

Reposition stencil and repeat step with all sides. Let thoroughly dry.

Squeeze a puddle of Ebony Soft Fabric Paint on foil. Position stencil where desired. Pounce paint into stencil then carefully remove. Repeat as desired.

Place a piece of shelf paper over oval pattern then trace onto paper. To create stencil, carefully cut out center, leaving sides intact.

Remove paper backing from stencil then place where desired. Press along inside cut edges. Pounce in two thin coats of Ebony paint. Let dry.

Use pencil to freehand write desired word in center of oval. Use Silver Metallic to trace over word and to create small dots around oval. Let dry.

The information in these instructions is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed, nor is freedom from any patent to be inferred. In addition, materials may be discontinued therefore we do not claim that all items will be available at all times. These project ideas are meant to give you inspiration to create and decorate. Since we have no control over physical conditions surrounding the application of information herein contained, Hobby Lobby disclaims any liability for untoward results. Follow manufacturer's instructions in using paints and other materials, keeping them out of reach of children, since some may be toxic, or otherwise cause injury.


Items You Will Need...

Other Materials Needed

  • Low-tack Masking Tape
  • Foil
  • Wedge Makeup Sponges
  • Offset Plastic Palette Knife
  • Paper Towels
  • Contact Paper
  • Pencil
  • Blow Dryer (optional)
  • Tulip Soft Paint
  • Canvas Box
  • Tulip Stencils - Floral
  • Tulip Metallic Paint