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Flower Pot for Mom


Easily customize this adorable pot for Mom or anyone else!

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Project Instructions

Preparation: Remove all stickers or labels from surface before painting.

Paint pot rim and inside Summer Sky Blue; let dry.

Paint pot below rim and disc shape Marigold and let dry.

Use Sweet Pea to paint craft stick and two 3/4" small hearts; let dry.

Paint large hearts Raspberry Red and let dry.

Use Wrought Iron Black to paint word "mom" on center of Marigold circle; let dry.

Referring to photo for placement, glue flower stem and leaves to pot.

Refer to photo and form flower shape with Raspberry Red hearts. Glue pointed ends of hearts near bottom of rim; glue flower center over pointed ends of hearts.

The information in these instructions is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed, nor is freedom from any patent to be inferred. In addition, materials may be discontinued therefore we do not claim that all items will be available at all times. These project ideas are meant to give you inspiration to create and decorate. Since we have no control over physical conditions surrounding the application of information herein contained, Hobby Lobby disclaims any liability for untoward results. Follow manufacturer's instructions in using paints and other materials, keeping them out of reach of children, since some may be toxic, or otherwise cause injury.


Items You Will Need...

Other Materials Needed

  • Americana 3/4" Flat Brush
  • Foam Plate
  • Small Round Brush
  • 1/4" & 1/2" Flat Brushes
  • 4" Terra Cotta Pot
  • Assorted Wood Shapes Value Pack
  • Birch Circles
  • Birch Hearts
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • Patio Paint
  • Patio Paint
  • Patio Paint
  • Patio Paint
  • Patio Paint